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Research and Innovation Sparked Health Intervention
RISHI Psychological Services
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Career counseling is offered as an adjunct to individual counseling. couples/marriage counseling is also provided If there are special issues which you would like addressed which are not listed above, we are willing to work with you to meet your needs. If we are not the appropriate resource for you, we will do our best to refer you to the appropriate individual or agency.
Research and Innovation Sparked Health Intervention
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Our mission is threefold... Arrange and provide treatment based on a thorough evaluation of patient's unique needs and goals. 2 Provide individuals, families, and professionals with support and educational information about Psychological conditions. SImprove care and advance 0 the understanding of Psychlogical disorders through research.
Dr.Jayaraj.B, certified licensed Psychologist, was an Associate Professor at Sunway University, Malaysia with appointments in the departments of Health and applied sciences and and Psychology. He was working in Middle East for 7 years as Psychology Professor, Student counselor and Psychologist 119, With 12 years of program Development, clinical care and research experience with children& families, he has published many articles research papers about Emotional Intelligence, Nonverbal communication and Rehabilitation. He is a certified professional in Play therapy,Art therapy and Multicultural psychology, His area of interests are Children with developmental delays,emotional / behavior problems and learning disabilities.
Providing counseling services to Children, Adolescents, and Adults provides a variety of helpful treatment and rehabilitation services, including: • Supportive individual psychotherapy • Family support, counseling, and education • Marital therapy • Behavior management • Stress management and relaxation techniques • Pain management • Academic planning, counseling, and consultation • Vocational planning and reentry • Referral to providers and agencies
• Stress Management Skills for Today • Overcoming Depression • Assertiveness Training • Parenting & Family Issues • Working with Resistive or Assaultive Clients • Eating Disorders • Behavioral problems in children • Birth Position & Personality Development • Effective Communication • Addictions and the Family • Choosing your career • Internet addiction- how to tackle effectively • Fearless hand writing • counseling skills training • Managing classroom bullying • Applying emotional intelligence in a positive work environment • Understanding personality for better learning • ADHD: how teachers a can help. • Parenting preteens: positive parenting prescriptions. • Study skills • Examinations —Preparations for your personal best • Art and play therapy.
Psychological Services Presentations The staff of RISHI Psychological Services is available for workshops, training, seminars and speaking engagements.

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